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International Conference Smart Engineering of New Materials SENM 2017

SEMTHERM 2017 – Joint Event

International Conference Smart Engineering of New Materials SENM 2017

International Conference on Microtechnology and Thermal Problems in Electronics MicroTherm 2017


Dear Madam or Sir,

Please forgive us for bothering you again if you have already received this message or already registered to the SEMTHERM 2017 duoconference. In this case please ignore it.

IMPORTANT! Due to many requests and some problems with the abstract submission procedure we are pleased to inform that the deadline has been extended to February 28, 2017.

On behalf of the SEMTHERM 2017 Organizing Committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to submit abstracts for oral and poster presentations to 2nd DUOCONFERENCE - Smart Engineering of New Materials (SENM’2017) and Microtechnology and Thermal Problems in Electronics (MICROTHERM’2017) which will take place in Lodz, andel’s Hotel, Poland on June 27-29, 2017.

Following the success of the first SEMTHERM duoconference in 2015, we are pleased to announce the second of the series, SEMTHERM 2017. First conference gathered above 150 scientists and the proceedings of the conference were published in Diamond and Related Materials, Physica Status Solidi and Microelectronic Engineering journals.

Scope of SENM’2017 includes:

  • carbonaceous materials,
  • wide band gap materials,
  • nanomaterials and their arrangements,
  • functional materials (bio-fillic, bio-folic, optic),
  • two dimensional materials,
  • plasma assisted processes,
  • new structures and new applications.


Scope of MicroTherm’2017 includes:

  • optimizing designs of semiconductor devices, integrated and hybrid circuits, and electronic equipment,
  • reliability and thermal management of electronic elements, devices and systems,
  • investigation and measurements of semiconductor devices, materials and electronic systems,
  • extreme temperature electronics (materials, devices and circuits),
  • processes of microelectronics technology and packaging of electronics elements,
  • wide-band gap materials,
  • renewable energy solutions (especially dedicated for photovoltaic and power harvesting),
  • photonic and optoelectronic devices and systems,
  • integrated Microsystems,
  • electronics for biomedical engineering.

We would like to announce that papers presented at SEMTHERM 2017 after standard review process will be published in the following journals:

  • Diamond and Related Materials,
  • Physica Status Solidi A and B,
  • Microelectronic Engineering,
  • Metrology and Measurement Systems,
  • Biomedical Engineering,
  • Journal of Physics.

SEMTHERM 2017 registration is open now. We have two separate registration pages for each conference. Please click here to register to SENM’2017 or click here to register to MicroTherm’2017. We also wish to inform, that it is possible to participate in one or both conferences, since the sessions of both events will be combined in such way to allow you partaking in those particularly interesting for you.

To obtain more information about the conference please visit www.semtherm.eu

We believe that SEMTHERM 2017 will provide a vital venue to share your excellent research results as well as critical networking and collaboration opportunities. We look forward to hosting you in Lodz, Poland.

Best Regards,

Katarzyna Znajdek and Anna Olejnik
On behalf of

Organising and Scientific Committees MicroTherm’2017 and SENM’2017



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