International Academic and Research Conference «UKRAINE IN THE PROCESSES OF GLOBAL INFORMATION EXCHANGE»

Lviv Polytechnic National University

Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences

Department of International Information

invite you to participate in

International Academic and Research Conference 


which will be held at Lviv Polytechnic National University
(12 Stepan Bandera street, Lviv, Ukraine) on May 26-27, 2016



Main topics of the Conference:


  1. Trends in information society development and the application of international experience in information education in Ukraine.
  2. University departments of information and communication: history of formation, topical research and development priorities.
  3. Speciality “International relations, social communication, and regional studies”: approaches to understanding, institutional and procedural issues of establishment.
  4. Information and analytical support of internal and foreign policy: modern understanding of the subject of research and teaching.
  5. PR and GR communication: current state and prospects of training in Ukraine and abroad.
  6. Modern international information systems and technologies: research and education dimensions.
  7. Analytical / competitive / network intelligence support in Ukraine and abroad.
  8. Information and communication dimensions of sustainable development and international scientific and technical cooperation.
  9. National and global information security: new challenges and issues of professional training.
  10. Problems of legal regulation of information exchange and human rights protection.
  11. European studies at Ukrainian universities and the prospects of speciality “European communications”.


Conference languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish

Form of participation: in-person participation or distance participation (publication only)




Terms of participation


The Application form and the Conference paper should be sent to the conference e-mail: by May 15, 2016. Digital file names should comprise the last name of the applicant.

The Programme Committee will send the acceptance/rejection notification within 3 working days. The conference fee should be paid within 3 working days after receiving the acceptance notification. The information about the payment methods and other payment details will be included in the acceptance notification. A scanned image of the payment receipt should be sent to the conference e-mail.

The conference fee covering the organizational and publication costs is:

200 UAH for participants from Ukraine,

€40 for participants from abroad.

Participants with Doctor of Sciences degree and in-person participants from abroad are free of charge.

Students who are in their final year of bachelor’s studies as well as students obtaining master’s degree can submit applications for the conference in co-authorship with their research supervisor.

The Conference Proceedings will be sent by e-mail in PDF format before the Conference and by mail by July 1, 2016.

The Organizing Committee does not provide accommodation for the participants, but can assist in finding accommodation in city hotels. The participants pay travel and accommodation costs themselves.


The conference paper should be up to 3 pages (A4) in Microsoft Word format (Times New Roman 12 pt, Line spacing – 1.0). Margins: left – 30 mm, top, right, bottom – 20 mm. First line indentation – 10 mm.

In the upper right corner of the first page – surname and initials of the author(s), academic degree, academic rank, position, name of organization where author works or studies, city, country. In the upper left corner of the first page – the number of conference topic from the list.

The list of references is to be placed after the main text. The sources in the reference list should be arranged either alphabetically or by the order of works cited in the text. The references in the text are given in brackets with the number of a source reference on the list, using comma before page number: [1, p. 243].

At the end, a brief summary (5-7 lines) and key words (8-10) in English are given.


The conference paper should be carefully edited and verified. The Editorial Board does not accept the manuscripts which do not comply with the above-mentioned requirements. Authors bear full responsibility for accuracy and completeness of their material.


Contact person: Vasyl Hulay, tel: +38 067 949 07 46, +38 032 258 24 76,






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